At the Oahu Beach Cottage: October 2017

We’ve had a great visit to the Oahu Beach Cottage this month – beautiful weather, and even though we were here during Hawaii’s school system’s Fall Break, it was definitely less busy on the north shore of Oahu in October. October is definitely a great time to visit Hawaii!

Restaurant News

Uncle Bobo’s pork shoulder plate. The small one is just enough!

We visited a few of our favorite places to eat on the Windward and North Shore. We were sorry to see Uncle Bobo’s in Kaaawa was closed temporarily when we arrived, but they opened again on October 14 so we had a chance to enjoy their consistently delicious barbecue. My favorite is the pork shoulder plate with “redneck rice” and coleslaw, and my partner in crime always has the hot sausage dog. Don’t miss the ginger lemon splash, a spicy refreshing drink!

Healthy Eating

It can be tricky to find healthy eating – or vegetarian or vegan – over on our side of the island. But if you are persistent and keep your eyes open you can find it! I had a delicious vegan black bean burger salad at Seven Brothers in Laie, and the Turtle Bay’s poolside restaurant has updated its menu to include a Quinoa Protein Bowl that was also good.

Seven Brothers in Laie: the Polynesian Salad with the addition of a black bean patty. Delicious!!
Turtle Bay’s Protein Quinoa Bowl with chicken add-on you can also add avocado to this, which we think is a brilliant idea…

But sometimes just grabbing a couple of sandwiches or salads from Foodland and heading for the beach is the favorite option for eating out!

Coffee! Where is it?

We love our coffee, and the consistency of the opening hours of the coffee huts at the food trucks in Kahuku can be spotty. So where to get a good cup of coffee? There is a hidden Starbucks inside the Laie Courtyard Marriot hotel, and a little further up you can get a good (though expensive) cup of coffee or espresso beverage in the lobby of the Turtle Bay resort. Can’t beat the views.

New Restaurants Nearby

Haven’t seen any new restaurants or food trucks this time, but we noticed that the progress of the Crouching Lion restaurant in Kaaawa is looking good. Have heard rumors that it will be a sushi restaurant eventually, but have also read it may be something with more variety. Read this article from for more detail. Whatever it turns out to be, we are looking forward to being able to go there again!

Things To Do

Of course we did plenty of our usual activities here – lounging on the lanai with a good book, walks on the quiet beach right outside the cottage, and snorkeling at Shark’s Cove (where we spent some quality time with a sea turtle!).

Get Involved

But one of the best things we did was participating in a beach cleanup with the local nonprofit 808 Cleanups. I met up with a small group that meets weekly to clean up the massive amounts of marine debris that washes up on the beaches on the other side of the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge in Kahuku. Four people, four hours, and 482 pounds of trash!!

It was a great way to get involved with the local community here, contribute to things rather than just consuming as a tourist. I also got to meet some wonderful, dedicated people that I hope to connect with again next time we are on island!

Check out their website – it has a calendar of events that shows scheduled beach cleanups you can join. All you need to bring is water, sunscreen, and a willingness to help! You can also emailĀ or call at 808-892-3464 for more information.

Yoga in the Neighborhood?

The yoga yurt at Kahuku Sugarmill

I saw that there is a “Yoga Yurt” at the Kahuku Sugarmill, but haven’t yet been able to see a regular schedule. They also offer weekly yoga classes at the Sacred Falls International Meditation Center practically across the street from the cottage in Punaluu/Hauula. Check out their Facebook Page for a schedule. I haven’t been able to attend either of these, but look forward to bringing my yoga mat next time so I can check them out! Let me know if you’ve tried it.

News about the Cottage

The cottage is looking great, thanks to our on-island helpers. There is a definite mermaid/ocean theme which we love! There will be a couple of cosmetic updates soon, including new curtains and some new artwork.

Until next time – Aloha! And thanks for reading.

Sarah & Julian

Your hosts up above Waimea Bay.